What is the scene of Bollywood movie in eternals


Bollywood movie scene in eternal

A scene from Bollywood has also been shown in the movie Eternals, released today on November 5. In which the song of a Hindi film is being shot and the person playing a lead role in that film is also an eternal . All the scenes are being tailored like a Bollywood film and during the break, all the old Eternals come and tell him that a danger has come on our earth and we have to face that danger together.

Who is Kumail Nanjiani?

Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani American actor who plays the role of Kingo in Eternals.

Who is Bollywood Actor in Eternals

harish patel is playing a strong role in this film

 In this film, he is playing the role of a director of a Bollywood film.

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